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Il matrimonio in Sicilia

Wedding Venues in Syracuse

The Perfect Wedding

It’s time to think about the wedding! Above all it is time to think about the places, the colors, the emotions that must reveal and transmit a “mariage parfait”.

Location per Matrimonio a Siracusa

Wedding Venues In Syracuse - Nuances of sky, of sea ... of Style!!

The mind creates a palette of nuances and among these there is usually a preference. For example, the color that matches the nuances of the sky, or the sea, or the leaves or similar to the whiteness of the snow. Alternatively, if the choice is only a mixture of nuances or there is no single suitable color, … the opinion of an expert like Carmela Cannizzo can be revealing.

In fact, together with her “Il Baule dei Desideri“, she is able to deduce and direct you towards the choice of revelation. And not only for the color preference to be applied to the entire wedding ceremony, but she will also lead you to the confirmation of your choice of Wedding Venues in Syracuse … She will help you visualise the extraordinary streets of Noto, Marzamemi or Ortigia. And even more …she will indicate the perfect style that suits the character of those who are preparing for the wedding.

☼  Συϱάϰουσαι

Syracuse | Identity of the ideal place to celebrate a wedding, between sun, baroque architecture, nature, and the sea

Every location has a DNA, therefore, a primary identity that, consequently, will embody the charisma and personalities of the wedding couple.

Siracusa Chiesa per Matrimonio

What style do you want to choose for your wedding? ...

Regarding the style, moreover, as in an origami, it is cut out and reinterpreted by what reflects the couple themselves. You can switch from an eco-country style to shabby chic. And there is still the marine theme, or total green, with clear natural scenarios. Among the choices is also a “bohemian” or vintage atmosphere, with a specific “dress code”. In all this. the only common thread is managed, like interior design, with a prestigious director Carmela Cannizzo.

Matrimonio sul Mare Dintorni Siracusa

Syracuse and Surroundings ...

In particular, the city of Noto is extraordinary, recognised as a UNESCO Heritage site. It oozes Sicilian baroque culture! So if your inclination is towards a climate that lives and breathes visionary monumentality, your choice should be this city. But if you love a marine setting, you need to go elsewhere. In fact, if you appreciate places that are overlooking the Sicilian coastlines, there actually exists another place. In this regard, the perfect composer’s scenario, like a balcony on the sea, is Marzamemi an ancient fishing village. Ortigia, is set as a gem in the Syracusan area. It is a combination of monumental and marine styles. It can combine in absolute synthesis two aspects that individualize the desire and style of two lovers.

Vicolo della Giudecca

But if the lover has yet to make his marriage proposal? … Carmela suggests a truly enchanting location, located in the heart of Ortigia, and exactly at Vicolo III alla Giudecca. Here the magic is at home.