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Services for an individual Wedding Design

A marriage celebrated in Sicily is perfected through the choice of an original style. The important elements include kaleidoscopic aspects. For example, we talk about set nuances, artistic and floral decorations and even wedding favors. It is also important to follow the stylistic trends in vogue. “Ingredients” that will create a wedding ceremony, resembling a jewel of rare beauty.

Carmela Cannizzo and her “Baule dei Desideri” stage a solution in step with the times. In this “valuable container”, everything is possible! In this way, desired longings are realised.

Here contemporaneousness embraces tradition, in perfect osmosis. With extreme meticulousness and diligence we follow the “wedding decalogue”, similar to a conventional protocol.
The steps of the decalogue can be traced back to a dedicated section. It is detailed precisely as: “Services”. They are defined as “The must-haves of a Wedding Planner“.

In any case, the “Services” are always combined with problem-solving skills. Thus it becomes easy to manage, with appropriate elegance, every detail inherent to the organization. The first rule, concerning the ad hoc planning of a wedding event, lies in the coordination of the various workers. In fact, it is essential to coordinate, with artifice, every single step of the schedule of fees agreed with the future spouses.

Wedding Services In Syracuse

Sensitivity is one of the perceptions similar to emotion. These sensations go hand in hand with that of the architectural structure of a custom-made wedding. You can choose the entire schedule of the “Services” or evaluate just one element, for example: the wedding dress, the Church or the location.

And also, the catering and the menu … In addition, if you want to choose an exclusive wedding favor, you can even create them, or otherwise, turn to a tradition that reinvents “cornerstones” of the Sicilian memory. In this regard, we recall the so-called “Teste di Moro” and the “Pigne“.

Likewise, the historical reinterpretation can also be found in the use of noble textures, such as linen, worked silk or jute, to create handkerchiefs or ad hoc bags, which can contain the wedding confetti.

The Favors

The history of Sicilian ceramics, cornerstones of the reinvented memory: “Teste di Moro” and “Pigne”

Bomboniere Siracusa

In particular the ” Testa di Moro” have a legendary status. In fact, legend tells of a girl with pale skin and beautiful eyes who was born around the year 1100 during the period of Arab domination in Sicily. One day, a dark young man noticed her, while she was busy looking after the plants and he fell in love with her. So he declared his love to her, and this was reciprocated. However, when the dark man decided to leave for the East, she exacted her revenge. In fact, at night, while he was sleeping, she cut off his head and made it into a vase, where she sowed basil, placing it on display on the balcony. So it is in this way that they became earthenware vessels or graste. Finally, the vases were created with the shape of “Testa di Moro“.
To then illustrate the “Pigne “, we talk about the fruit coming from the pine tree. Since the beginning of time and for different civilizations, it has become a custodian of symbolic values, like divinity, regenerating force, immortality. Meanings that allude, in reality, to the tree from which also originates fertility and life force. The pine cone is also a symbol of the mountain – home of the Gods – and here, already in ancient times, personified the divinity in the Mediterranean area. In Sicily, the pinecone prevails as a good omen, it is reproduced, in fact, even in the ornamental version in every size and material! In addition it is also an ornamental element of nineteenth-century four corner iron double beds.

The Bags

Likewise, the reinterpretation can also be found in the use of noble textures, such as linen, worked silk and jute, to create handkerchiefs or individual bags, in which to enclose the wedding confetti. The threads, which intertwine in particular in dreams of stars and maps, create new coordinates for the meeting between weaves and warps, in memory of eternal beauty. Thinking of a handkerchief, in fact, means reinterpreting the paradigm of Sicilian textile art. It also means reviving the ingenuity and dexterity of women who, for centuries, have been artisans and creators of stories spread out along the threads of a loom.

And in Sicily, the textile tradition is synonymous with real and true culture and even of mirabilia. The handkerchief also bears witness to the passing of noble and peasant times. An ancient code, like a loom, flips through woven pages of weaves and warps full of fictitious and dreamed situations. Situations that recount identity, memories and artifacts stored in the chests of centuries ago … this is what you can read in the weaving of a piece of cloth, and right there, in those weaves, there is a new story to tell, for example, that of a marriage. Thus the narration of the noble plots begins again, and consequently meets new fingers, to weave another life.

Sacchetti Matrimonio Siracusa

Wedding Design Services

  • Creation of a marriage project
  • Preparations and Scenography
  • Location search
  • Catering search
  • Bureaucratic and document management
  • Wedding car hire
  • Custom made wedding rings and ring holders
  • Table plans
  • Church search
  • Table and place names
Abiti da Sposa Siracusa
  • Invitations
  • Order of service
  • Childrens entertainment
  • Confetti table
  • Photographer - Videographer
  • Wedding dresses and suits
  • Church and ceremony music
  • Hair stylist and Make up artist
  • Audio / light / video services
  • Wedding cakes

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