Wedding Proposal Syracuse 

Wedding Proposal in Syracusa

The marriage proposal

Will you marry me? … Veux tu m’épouser? … Quieres casarte conmigo? … Du willst mich heiraten? Here is a cosmopolitan proposal that states the fateful phrase: “Will you marry me?”

What images come to mind when one becomes aware of wanting to pose the fateful phrase? What do you think and above all how do you think you want to take such a decisive step in the life of two halves or twin souls? … Certainly one creates scenarios and eventualities in which to express it, and with which to ascribe the story of two lovers, the moment that will be given to the memory of a future “marriage”! Moments that must remain indelible, forever … A point, in any case, remains inflexible: the desire for romance, sweetness and originality! You can imagine places, settings, ways, phrases and the unforgettable item : the wedding ring.

Carmela Cannizzo, in her fairy godmother role, can, with a touch of magic, inspire and create the spell of a “unique moment“. She can transform the dreamed of scenarios into reality, as in the Cinderella fairy tale! Every fabulous story has a moral and a romantic and happy ending …

The marriage proposal the Il Baule dei Desideri

The “Il Baule dei Desideri” and your fairy godmother Carmela will show you the magic path, the one that leads to the enchanted place, where you can make your dreams come true …

The details of such an event will already be envisaged in the creation of the ” Marriage Proposal” … A page as a symbol kept in a book. Bows that play new age melodies. The projection of imaginative settings of Nature, or of feature films and / or the assembly of film fragments that recount a proposal of “marriage”.

Until the explosion of the fireworks … The light of a candle, along the rows of a vineyard or an expanse of olive trees or even a terrace overlooking the sea. These are the singular details that will become the sublime and unforgettable scenery of the ” Wedding Proposal in Syracuse”, infused and signed by the “Il Baule dei Desideri“.