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Wedding design, to plan a dream of love

Wedding design is the art of creating a combination of visions: emotions / beauty and rationality / realism. The figure that embodies this is defined as a wedding designer. Each type of design has, as its basis, a vision that, from the mind, is also experienced through design. In this regard, the wedding designer is a “collection” of figures and embodies the ability to calculate, create, design, even to dream.

They are professionals who, for the occasion, wear the outfit of “Wedding Architect” as well as that of sorcerer, as it is them who must interpret the future, and in particular the famous day of the “Wedding Ceremony”. Now a question comes to mind: what is the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding designer? The answer is simple! While the former plans and takes care of all the organizational, budget, logistical aspects related to the entire wedding and supports the spouses until the end of the wedding event; the latter only takes care of the preparation and decorations.


Carmela Cannizzo brings together the two figures as one. Together with her team, she is able to manage every single competence linked to the luxury wedding sector. The conventional words, thought of as a corollary to her passion, are job skills and special experience..

Carmela excels both in the areas of planning and coordination, and also in the creativity of design and logistics of the set-up, with a single objective: to create harmonious forms in every corner and detail. Wedding design in its professional rulebook calls for the planning of the wedding. In addition to the preparation it requires knowledge of lighting and set design, together with the artist’s work, to draw the storyboard for the future spouses.

Representing a dream is a great responsibility!

The “Il Baule dei Desideri” of Syracuse holds the key to the wedding design and the wedding planner. In fact, opening it will lead to marvelous sights, contextualizing a range of settings: from Neoclassical to Industrial chic. And planning, as the commanding mission, a destination wedding. But above all … to thrill and excite you, like stardust, with the “Magic of the party” set up to excite you.

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